Project Solar Water Pumps for 20 hectares

1. System overview

  • Deployment system: Package contract Remote control irrigation system with 20HP solar pump
  • Location: Ninh Phuoc District, Ninh Thuan Province
  • Water source: Natural water source, stored in a lake near the farm
  • Pumping demand: Pumping for 20Ha farm, divided into 7 irrigation zones


This is a large-scale pomelo farm project with a total planting area of up to 120 hectares, in which the solar pumping system for the first 20ha is deployed in advance.

This is a package CHEAPEA project, including 4 main items:

– Construction of excavation and embankment of underground pipelines

– Construction of electromechanical valve system for irrigation zoning

– Construction of piping system, 90 liters of irrigation nozzles

– Construction of solar panel system, solar pump running inverter

– Construction of a system of cabinets with remote control by phone

2. Deployment of construction

2.1 Construction and excavation of the pipeline system

The first job is to locate and dig the pipe. The design of the long-running pipeline and the main level is placed 0.7 m deep from the ground, so the volume of excavation and backfill is very large, CHEAPEA has to use many excavators for construction, combined with manual excavation. The workload is huge

2.1 Construction and installation of piping systems, sprinklers

The irrigation piping system designed for the farm uses high quality lotus PVC pipes with many different sizes

Level 1 main pipeline includes pipes 140, 114, then down to level 2 branch pipes with sizes Φ90 and 60

The 3rd grade pipe running along the bed is designed as a Φ27 pipe and on the top using Φ21 pipe

2.3 Construction of remote control irrigation partition electromechanical valve system

Before construction and installation, pull the wire and pre-test the solenoid valve control from the farthest distance of more than 500m, successful results

After successful testing, install the valve into the waiting pipeline, the electromechanical valve uses 2 types 140 and 114, so the installation process is quite difficult, it is necessary to measure and raise the pipeline to be able to install. Correct design, ensure the valve does not leak water

After completing the installation and backfilling, CHEAPEA jointly built a floating manhole to protect each electromechanical valve from external influences.

2.4 Construction of solar panels and pump systems

Install and complete pump 20HP  and filter system

Construction and installation of assembled pump station and lightning protection system

Along with that is the work of completing the system of panels, providing electricity for the pumping station

2.5 Construction of remote control system

The remote valve control cabinet system is installed in the pump house, using 220V power from the battery. CHEAPEA has pasted diagrams and instructions to control each partition so that the investor can operate it easily. The pump inverter is also connected to this control cabinet to be able to control the pump on and off in parallel with the valve opening and closing.

This controller in addition to control at the station, customers can also control phone through software

3. Results

The result was a great success, the water pressure is very large, when the nozzle is not installed to discharge the residue in the pipeline, the water pressure is as high as 4-5m in pipe 21, excess water pressure to rotate the sprinkler

The result was not unexpected, the sprinkler was even and beautiful, the water pressure was great, making the entire area surrounded by fog, Ninh Thuan’s land was very arid, but after only a few minutes of watering, it started to be evenly moist, ensuring for the development of pomelo trees when sowing

With a 20ha project in Ninh Thuan, CHEAPEA uses a floating pump 20HP. For other terrains and other irrigation needs, CHEAPEA will advise you on other pump lines such as rocket pumps or DC floating pumps for the best fit.

For more information, please contact CHEAPEA or see more of our product lines:

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