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The solar water pumping system researched and developed by Cheapea since 2016 has been applied to hundreds of large and small projects across the country. With the advantage of not consuming electricity and oil, the pump runs smoothly and economically, the solar water pump system promises to be more and more developed.



Solar water pump system from 150W-7500W

Currently, our country’s agro-forestry system is increasingly interested and focused on development, many farms are being formed, most of the farms are located in areas without electricity.

The supply of irrigation system depends entirely on generators, using generators is extremely expensive and harmful to health.

According to research, smoke from generators can cause cancer and even cause sudden death, generators always make noise, affecting people’s daily life.

Understanding that essential need, CHEAPEA has successfully designed a solar pumping system pumped directly from the sun.

This is a perfect solution to overcome all shortcomings of generator systems or wind power solar power systems that use batteries and then power up.

CHEAPEA provides 2 solutions for main solar water pumping system:

  • Pumping system directly from the sun with small capacity (For pumps < 1Hp )
  • Direct pumping system from the sun with large capacity (For pumps from 1Hp to large pumps – several tens of Hp)

Advantages of using a solar water pump system

The sun is an inexhaustible, clean, and completely free resource. You can use it freely without any cost.

  • The solar pumping system is environmentally friendly, completely harmless and does not make any noise.
  • The pump system directly from the sun has high durability, almost no operating costs.
  • The system works fully automatically, automatically pumping when it is sunny, and automatically resting when it is not sunny or at night.
  • The cost for a system is low, the system life is long, the system achieves high economic efficiency.
  • The system installation is quite simple, the system maintenance is easy
  • Using 3-phase pump, high efficiency, can take advantage of customer’s existing pump, as well as plumbing, deep suction unit.. without changing new pump but just changing 1 phase to 3 phase.
  • Application for villas, companies to water lawns, garden plants automatically watering

Application :

  • The system is the ideal combination of irrigation water needs and free inexhaustible solar energy, preserving the environment, saving energy and minimizing costs. This is the new ideal solution for farms growing vegetables, fruit trees, rubber, coffee, cashew, pepper, dragon fruit… Water is pumped even on cloudy and foggy days.
  • Applying solar energy in powering water pumps helps to reduce electricity costs, making it an ideal destination for high-tech agricultural models.
  • Application for farms, areas without electricity and even areas with electricity to replace the disadvantages of generators when using gasoline with increasing cost, environmental pollution as well as reducing monthly electricity.
  • Application for villas, companies to water lawns, plants in the garden automatically watering.


1. Small capacity direct sunlight pump system

This is the system used for pumps with small capacity from 0.5-1HP

Schematic principle system

Working principle

Solar power obtained from solar panels will be charged to the battery by the charge controller, the battery only plays the role of voltage stabilizer and takes electricity when it is not sunny. Only 1 battery should be used. The voltage from the battery will be put into the standard Switching or sine power adapter, this power adapter has the effect of raising the voltage in accordance with the input of the pump controller, the controller is set parameters to protect motor protection and thanks to speed control the starter motor is not overcurrent.

Advantages small capacity direct sunlight pump system

  • Use with pump capacity less than 1Hp, suitable for household water pump
  • Controlling the pump directly from the sun – The battery only plays the role of stabilizing the system and taking electricity when it is not sunny (increasing efficiency of sun absorption)
  • Using 3-phase pump (3 Phase – 220V) should achieve the highest efficiency. It is possible to take advantage of the customer’s existing pump (rewinding) as well as the plumbing system, deep suction unit… without changing the pump, just changing from 1 phase to 3 phase.
  • Very durable: The battery panel lasts 30 years. Battery life is usually more than 5 years. Only 1 battery is used as a stabilizer, so the cost for the battery later is negligible

2. High capacity direct sunlight pump system

Used for engines with large capacity from 1HP – several tens of HP.

Schematic principle system

Working principle

The principle of operation of the pump is very simple. The electricity collected from the battery system (high voltage DC power) will be fed to the charge controller, converted into 3-phase AC power, and then fed directly to the pump.

Advantages high capacity direct sunlight pump system

  • Low initial investment cost, fast payback time
  • The system does not use batteries, so there is no need for maintenance after a period of use. System operation is very durable. System durability depends on panel strength. Solar panels used by UE – SINGAPORE group have a lifespan of over 30 years.
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Can be combined with grid electricity or gasoline/diesel generator for at night pumping.
  • The controller applies the most advanced solar power technology today, MPPT method helps to maximize battery efficiency, Soft start method helps motor run smoothly and provides maximum protection for the pump.

Choose the right system

  • Depending on the pump capacity, the company will calculate the number of solar cells and controllers that are most suitable for the system


  • A pump system with a pump capacity of 0.5 HP should use a small capacity direct pump system, the system price is about 30 million
  • With a pump system with a capacity of 1.5 HP, we should use a pump system directly from the sun. This system uses about 2KW of solar cells. The operation of this system is quite simple, but the pump efficiency is very high, the system price is about 85 million (depending on the installation location).

With over 5 years of experience in the field of solar power, we will provide customers with the best solution, service and price

Policy insurance

Information origin product

  • Panels imported from UE Group – SINGAPORE have a lifes of over 30 years
  • Pump controller directly from sunny

Policy insurance

  • Panels are insurance for 10 years
  • Pump controller directly from sunny: insurance 2 years
  • All defective products will be completely renewed during the warranty period and guaranteed at the construction site if the work is done

Solar pumps system without batteries to irrigate pepper gardens of farmers supported by Department of Science and Technology and Binh Phuoc Farmers Association

Pumping system directly from the sun with a 0.5HP capacity battery installed in 1 household in Di An – Binh Duong

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